Passionate in Faith, Quality & Craft

Focused on small batch craft experiences, Tall Post is constantly searching for new spices, flavours, and Ontario-grown fruits to be integrated into our blends. Tall Post offers an Ontario farm experience and aims to make its products from bushel to bottle.

Our Basis

Our number one motivator is faith. All of our morals and ethics are founded in the Christian faith. Our faith comes first in everything we do. As a result, Tall Post will never be open on Sundays.

Quality comes next. If you’re going to do something, do it right or don’t do it at all! How do we make good quality cider? We use the closest suppliers and highest quality produce that we can get our hands on. This is true for the produce from our ever-growing garden and on-farm orchard as well as the produce we get from other local growers.

The craft market is constantly growing, as is the interest in it. Tall Post believes that this provides a great environment for experimenting. Southern Ontario has an ideal climate for an abundant supply of fresh fruit, and we will utilize this to constantly create new high quality craft cider.

Our Mission

Tall Post strives to be in the community, offering Christian service to its consumers. We want to be a helping hand for charities and organizations. Our goal is to be recognized in the community as a leading business in this endeavour. We will structure our business culture to give our employees adequate time to be an active part of their communities.

Ultimately, Tall Post aims to be a factory-style cidery nestled in the heart of farmland.