Aaron’s Story

Aaron knew in the beginning of his high school career that he wanted to end up in distillation. After he finished Grade 12, he was able to do so while working for Dillon’s Distillery. During his time there, he became more passionate about the business side of things. He was given an opportunity to start experimenting in craft cider, and he began to develop that into a business plan. However, he realized that he needed more experience in farming if he really wanted to build up a business.

After leaving Dillon’s, a lead farmhand position came open at Tigchelaar Berry Farms. Aaron took it and worked there for two summers. During the off-season, he finished developing his business plan and built a sea can facility. He pitched his business plan to the Tigchelaars and was given the opportunity to work off of their Binbrook farm, leading him to where he is today.


  • Rosaire LeBlanc: Rosaire was a neighbour to Aaron’s childhood home. He gave Aaron his first opportunity to prune trees, pick fruit, and drive a tractor.
  • Gary Post: Gary is Aaron’s father. He taught Aaron a solid work ethic and the ability to appreciate finely handcrafted things.
  • Jordan Tom: Aaron worked with Jordan during a high school co-op. Jordan has a lot of business experience in restaurants, and Aaron learned many invaluable lessons from Jordan’s life and work.
  • Geoff Dillon: Geoff was Aaron’s boss when he worked at Dillon’s Distillery. He taught Aaron many things, but some of the most important things Aaron took away from his time there were to sell people a product and a story and to be passionate about it.
  • Jeff Tigchelaar: Jeff gave Aaron the opportunity to learn some of the best farming methods with Christian morals and ethics ingrained in his work.